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Introducing Document Extracts

Jonathan Brun

Nimonik strives to help organizations quickly understand their obligations in regulations, acts, codes, standards and internal documents. We do this by adding valuable meta-data such as environmental, safety, HR, privacy or other topics to documents. We also associate documents to specific industries and pieces of physical equipment. Nimonik is happy to announce a new feature to help organizations determine if a document is relevant to their operations: Document Extracts

A Document Extract is a selection of text from a document. Nimonik aims to identify and extract a short portion of a document to help our customers rapidly understand what a document is about, and whether the document could be relevant to them. This feature is being rolled out across the database and will be progressively available in the coming months.

Here is an example of an extract for the United States Code of Federal Regulations US-1CFR-2 :

§ 2.1 – Scope and purpose.
(a) This chapter sets forth the policies, procedures, and delegations under which the Administrative Committee of the Federal Register carries out its general responsibilities under chapter 15 of title 44, United States Code.
(b) A primary purpose of this chapter is to inform the public of the nature and uses of Federal Register publications.

§ 2.6 – Unrestricted use.
Any person may reproduce or republish, without restriction, any material appearing in any regular or special edition of the Federal Register.