Build your business case for a centralized comprehensive compliance program

Jonathan Brun

One company, one compliance approach – that is what Nimonik recommends. Too many companies take a siloed and ad-hoc approach to compliance. With growing compliance issues across privacy, trade, cyber-security, environmental, safety and other areas – this whack-a-mole approach is no longer tenable. This webinar discusses how to build a business case for taking a disciplined approach to management systems and compliance.

In this webinar you learn how to:

  • Determine if your organization is ready for compliance management and management systems
  • Identify key steps to get ready for a management system implementation
  • Complete a provided business case template for your organization

In addition, we share a variety of anecdotes and stories from trying, failing and succeeding in implementing management systems and compliance programs.


Jonathan Brun

President and founder of Nimonik, Jonathan has helped hundreds of businesses implement a robust compliance management tool. Despite many successes, there have been organizations who have failed to fully realize the potential of a compliance tool. Jonathan has experience working with organizations around the world and in a variety of industries to implement a Comprehensive approach to compliance.