New Feature: Internal Actions

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Over the coming weeks, Nimonik will be simplifying all the Actions in NimonikApp. All actions will fall into two categories:

  1. Internal Actions – these are created by users and are used to bring your organization into compliance with its obligations
  2. External Actions – these are updates and new obligations issued by governments, standards and other documents outside of your organization

Removed Functionality

  1. When you select “Requires Review” (Yellow) on the status of a Compliance Obligation Document or a Clause, it will no longer create an Action.
  2. When you connect a Document from one Compliance Obligation to another, it will no longer create an Action.
  3. When you remove a connected Document from the parent Compliance Obligation, it will no longer create an Action.

In all three cases, we recommend that you create an Internal Action and assign it to the relevant person or team. 

New Functionality

You can find more information about the new Internal Actions on our help page here. In the coming days and weeks, you can expect to see the following improvements for them:

In April 2021

  1. Repeating Internal Actions – When you create an Internal Action, you can set it to repeat at a defined schedule.
  2. Outstanding Actions – See the number of outstanding internal actions per document
  3. Complete Actions – See completed internal actions
  4. Add Attachments to Internal Actions – Add attachments (PDF, Photos, Word) to internal actions
  5. Create Actions for an entire Compliance Obligations list
  6. All outstanding Internal Review Actions will be migrated to Internal Actions

Later this Summer

  1. Scheduling of Audits will be done through Internal Actions
  2. All Permits and related Actions will be handled through Compliance Obligations and Internal Actions
  3. Migration of Scheduled Audits and Permit Actions to Internal Actions
  4. Corrective Actions will be migrated to Internal Actions

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback related to Actions.