Foreign Cruelty Free Cosmetics now Allowed in China

Jonathan Brun

Chinese regulations are constantly changing, if you import into China it is more important than ever to have a comprehensive and rigorous regulatory tracking program in place. The Chinese government just opened the market for foreign cosmetics that are not tested on animals. Previously, all foreign cosmetics had to be tested on animals prior to import into China. This explanation from the excellent China Skinny website explains the situation well,”Well, this is news we’ve been waiting a long time for! From the 1st of May this year, animal testing is no longer required on general cosmetics imported into China, if they meet the requirements set out by China’s NMPA (National Medical Products Administration).

While cosmetics manufactured in China haven’t had to test on animals since 2014, foreign brands bizarrely weren’t exempt. Until this year, imported cruelty-free cosmetics brands wanting to sell in China had to either sell through cross border ecommerce and bonded warehouses in free trade zones, or sell their soul and test on animals, which brands like Jurlique, NARS, L’Occitane, Yves Rocher and Caudalie did. Chinese consumers missed out, ethical brands did too, and animals were unnecessarily harmed.”

Original Government announcement and document here.

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