2020 EHS Regulatory Updates Statistics

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Nimonik covers regulatory updates for over 390 jurisdictions, including 35 different countries. Nimonik prides itself on offering comprehensive coverage of these jurisdictions and capturing all the relevant regulatory changes within the Topics that we cover. We wanted to share some high level statistics on the sheer quantity of regulatory documents (acts, regulations, codes, rules, standards and directives that Nimonik covered in 2020).

  • 181 739 new documents uploaded to Nimonik’s document library (includes non-update-related documents).
    • 12 792 of these contain “2020” in the title or leg.ref. so were probably issued by govts in 2020.
      • Nimonik has extracted new obligations from 394 to be tracked in compliance obligations and use din audits.
  • 7334 changes were uploaded to Nimonik’s document library by Montreal team (1 new document that makes 3 amendments represents 4 “updates”).
  • Over 15,000 changes were upload by Nimonik’s China team.

Nimonik selects the most critical EHS documents and parses and classifies the clauses within that document so our customers can assess their compliance. We also do this for permits and internal documents. You can see an example of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act Here.

An average document in Nimonik’s library has 190 clauses. If we determine (number of obligations in Nimonik’s fully-classified documents) / (number of fully-classified documents), we could estimate how many new obligations were issued (published by governments) in 2020 based on the number of 2020 update-related documents uploaded.

If we use this to estimate that an average document has 50 obligations, and we published 10 000 relevant documents that were issued in 2020, we could say that governments issued >500 000 obligations of interest to our customers in 2020!

With that many published obligations every year around the world, we hope you have a robust monitoring tool in place!