Why compliance should come first

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The famous management guru Peter Drucker stated, “First things first; second things not at all”. He goes on to explain that the order of the actions you engage in is even more important than the actions you engage in. When it comes to compliance with quality, safety or environmental requirements the first thing you need to do is identify your requirements. It is remarkable how many organizations skip over this critical step and rush into writing policies, procedures, training manuals and many other things.

Since Nimonik offers a solution to identify your Compliance Obligations, issue Actions and conduct Audits (in that order!); we are of course fans of identifying your obligations. Before you choose software or even a management system we recommend you take a step back and make one list of all your obligations. Our recent webinar on Know your Obligations went into great detail on this topic.

Once you know your obligations for regulatory and mandatory as well as voluntary such as ISO standards, you can then determine the second step. But, as Peter Drucker said, first things first!

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