Simplification of Nimonik Software

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Over the past year, Nimonik has worked hard to improve the usability of its software. One of our main goals is to offer all of our customers an easy to use interface to identify Compliance Obligations, issue Actions and complete Audits and inspections. Our current priority is to simplify the Nimonik software to help our customers achieve Comprehensive Compliance with less effort. In the next year, you can look forward to:

  • Tools to easily convert Compliance Obligations (Legal Registers) into Audits and Inspections.
  • A simplified Action management system to empower your team to stay in compliance.
  • Powerful software to extract Compliance Obligations from your contracts, permits, stakeholder engagements and other internal documents.
  • Select applicable legislation based on your business activities, substances on site, and industrial equipment.
  • Improved management of Internal Obligations to create reminders, actions, due dates and link to regulatory and other requirements.

We have over 75 simplification changes coming to the software in the next two years, to learn more about how you can easily achieve Comprehensive Compliance, contact us today.