Rack Safety with Changing Inventory Loads in your Warehouse

Jonathan Brun

Safety Moment

A Nimonik customer, Concept Storage Solutions, helps businesses keep their racking and shelving safe and secure. They recently had a retail customer that received a tremendous amount of inventory into their warehouse from their retail stores because the stores were closed due to COVID. The warehouse staff placed this excess inventory on the racks and a rack collapsed over night. Thankfully no one was injured, but there easily could have been a death.

Make sure you clearly label your equipment and conduct regular audits and inspections to prevent misuse or overuse of your critical equipment and systems.

With rapidly changing business circumstances it is critical to determine if your infrastructure can handle changes in loads, volumes, and other elements. We often build our facilities to run Lean and with little margin for excess load or inventory. COVID and the second wave is forcing us to take a careful and thorough look at our systems.

See some of our Rack Safety Inspection Checklists here: