Safety monthly inspections required by law

Jonathan Brun

Did you know that many jurisdictions regulate that your safety representatives or safety staff need to conduct monthly inspections of the workplace?

The Ontario Health and Safety Act, RSO 1990, states, “8 (6) Inspections Unless otherwise required by the regulations or by an order by an inspector, a health and safety representative shall inspect the physical condition of the workplace at least once a month. R.S.O. 1990, c. O.1, s. 8 (6).”

This does not need to be a full safety audit, but you should be running through a common list of best practices and identifying issues in your workplace. Many regulations allow you to inspect part of you operations every month and build up to a full portrait of the safety of your workplace over the course of a year. You can use your own checklist or Nimonik’s EHS Comprehensive Compliance Audit Template to keep your workplace safe and ensure you are meeting your legal requirements. You can also pick from a long list of free EHS audit templates here.