Continuous compliance – Embed compliance throughout your operations

Jonathan Brun

Compliance can be broken down into three key questions:

– What are your requirements?
– What actions are you taking to meet your requirements?
– How do you verify the actions are effective?

These seemingly straightforward questions are surprisingly challenging to implement. Ultimately, your compliance program is only as good as your operational discipline which is only as good as your processes. So the real question is – Do your processes revolve around compliance or is compliance an afterthought?

In this webinar we discuss the key steps to embed compliance in your processes. You will walk away with a toolkit on how to achieve continuous compliance across your operations.

Key Take-Aways:
– A structure to move from reactive to preventative compliance
– Tools to identify your processes that may have compliance issues
– How to convince upper management that continuous compliance drives efficiency

Webinar recording


About Nimonik

Nimonik exists to help organizations comply with regulatory requirements – leading to less environmental damage, better worker safety and higher quality products. We can help you with:

  • legal register for your global jurisdictions – a comprehensive list of EHS requirements that apply to your operations.
  • regulatory tracking – monitoring requirements in your legal register and alerting you when they change or new documents become applicable.
  • an easy to use web app so you can act on the changes, collaborate with teams, and maintain complete logs of your compliance efforts, retrievable at the click of a button.
  • a mobile auditing app to audit your compliance against the requirements saving you hours in auditing, report writing, and corrective action follow-ups.
  • air-monitoring devices so you can easily monitor indoor or outdoor pollutants online from anywhere in the world.

We take pride in the accuracy and comprehensiveness of our regulatory content, rapid publication of regulatory changes, easy to use software, exceptional customer support, and state of the art IT security that none of our competitors can match. 

Contact us to discuss how we can help make your regulatory compliance more efficient.