Product updates – September 2019

Jonathan Brun

Here are three new features we introduced to our auditing app to help you audit ever more efficiently. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions regarding the new features.

Restrict ‘general user’ access to templates

Account administrators can now restrict general user’s access to audit templates so that they can only start or schedule audits but not edit or delete them. Administrators can do this by going to the ‘manage users page’, and checking the ‘Restrict editing powers of general users’ checkbox . Please note, this feature cannot be applied on a user by user basis.

Invite multiple users in one go

You can now invite multiple users to Nimonik at the same time. To do so, go to the ‘add users page’, and enter the email addresses that you would like to invite separated by commas (no spaces). When you click ‘Invite’, an email will be sent to all of the users on your list.
Please note, you cannot copy paste lists of users into the invite field, they need to be entered one by one.

Automatic Audit Archiving – automatically archives audits two weeks after they are completed

To reduce synchronization time on Nimonik Audit mobile app, you can now choose the audits you wish to synchronize and archive the rest. To do so automatically, account administrators have to enable ‘Automatic Audit Archiving’ on the Company Account Management page. A one-time email will be sent to all users to advise them that it has been turned on. It can also be turned off at any time by unchecking the checkbox.
While automatic audit archiving is active, audits will automatically be archived 2 weeks (14 days) after they are marked as complete. Please note that only audits that are completed after it is enabled will be affected. Audits that were completed before will still need to be archived manually.