Product Updates – June 2019

Jonathan Brun

To provide you with the best, we continuously improve our product. This month’s improvements include:

  • the functionality to re-order audit questions
  • links to legislation in the export for New and Changed Documents
  • filter compliance obligations by grouping/sections

Filter compliance obligations by sections/groupings

You can now filter your compliance obligations by groups/sections to specifically view documents under that group/section.

New and Changed Documents report export has a new column for links to the legislation 

The New and Changed Document Report export now has an additional column (Column E: Link) with a direct link to the legislations page of the associated document. Here is a sample of the new export for your clicking pleasure. Please note you need to be logged in to an account with the necessary jurisdictions/sectors/etc. to be taken to the legislation page.

Re-order audit questions on company templates

You can now re-order questions on your company audit templates. Use the new “Insert after Question” drop-down to choose where in the list you would like that question to appear. Choose “–” to have the question appear on the top, as the first question in the group.