Legal Compliance Challenges in the Oil & Gas Industry

Jonathan Brun

In this panel discussion, Kate Page of TransCanada and Jessica Tran of Trans Mountain Corporation share insights on how the regulatory compliance program at their organizations has evolved with time, the hurdles they faced, and some best practices to achieve thorough legal compliance.

About Jessica Tran

Jessica F. Tran is a Regulatory Advisory at Trans Mountain Corporation which operates Canada’s only pipeline system transporting crude oil and refined products to the West Coast which delivers nearly 300,000 barrels of crude oil and refined products each day through 1,274 kilometres of pipeline in Alberta, British Columbia and Washington State. Jessica began her career practising corporate and intellectual property law at a small firm. After a few years, Jessica moved to Deloitte where she was part of the Contract Risk Compliance team focusing on third-party risks, looking at process and technology solutions, performing inspections of third-party business partners on the client’s behalf, and assessing third-party compliance with contractual terms and conditions. At Trans Mountain Corporation Jessica is the lead for the design and execution of the company’s legal registry and legal requirement monitoring process which includes establishing a management of change process for these legal requirements. Jessica works with the different programs to ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements including legislation, industry standards and codes, as well as regulator orders and certificates. Jessica is also responsible for monitoring applicable legal requirements in Canada and the U.S. Jessica holds a Juris Doctor with a focus in Intellectual Property Law from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California.

About Kate Page

Having held a number of senior positions at TransCanada in the last 10 years, Kate is now leading the Legal Registry team at the company. Her team supports ensuring compliance in Canada and Mexico for TransCanada. Kate began her career, as an economist, developing carbon trading regulations and then worked for several power companies originating and trading carbon credits throughout North America. She has also won consecutive leadership awards for leading TransCanada’s involvement in investing-led reporting on carbon disclosure.