iAuditor vs Nimonik EHS & Quality Audit

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Over the past 5 years, iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices have improved our workplaces. Apps for every possible task have been created by large and small companies around the world, including audits and inspections. A few great apps have already saved countless hours for auditors and auditees who want to improve their workplace compliance and reduce report writing times.

With over 45 audit tools in the Apple App store, choice is not a problem. But, as we talk to our potential clients, a few names pop-up as being easy to use, powerful, cost-effective and secure. In fact, I would say only two apps keep coming back in our discussions with auditors around the world. These two apps have successfully differentiated their offers and become market leaders – Nimonik’s EHS & Quality Audit and SafetyCulture’s iAuditor.

What makes one app better than another? Each app has its purpose, so you need to carefully discuss your requirements before committing to a platform.

Nimonik believes in simplicity. We strive to offer you fewer widgets and more content, less functions, but easier to use tools. In short, we sacrifice shiny bells and whistles for robust, secure and easy to use powerful tools. We endeavour to make auditing easier on mobile devices than on paper.

To help you make a choice that fits your organization, here is our (unbiased) breakdown of iAuditor and EHS & Quality Audit- Nimonik.

EHS & Quality Audit- Nimonik is 100% focused on audit team needs. Our goals is to keep the entire team accountable, synchronized and on time with their compliance tasks. iAuditor is great for small businesses with simple audits and less collaboration amongst team members. Nimonik EHS & Quality Audit takes audits to the next level by helping you close the audit loop with action items and responsible people, while iAuditor takes your complex forms and make them digital. Both the apps have their time and place!

iAuditor is focused around single auditors who require a customizable solution at the lowest price possible. The app suits many auditors who do not need to collaborate or need accountability and benchmarking.On the other hand, Nimonik EHS & Quality Audit started as a result of a need among Fortune 500 clients with complex operations. Our solution is to provide the same service quality for large and small companies at an affordable and transparent price.

The breakdown of features below may help you make the best decision for your organization. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and which solution might be best for your needs.

Feature iAuditor Nimonik EHS Audit Mobile
Standardized checklists on quality, environment, health and safety 0 1000+
HSE regulatory compliance audit protocols Not available United States, Canada and 80+ Countries
Interviews / voice recordings Not available Easily attach audio interviews / voice recording to audit items
Media files Not available Easily attach media files like PDFs to audit items
Effectiveness of corrective actions Not available Easily schedule effectiveness assessment for corrective actions
Reports Simple – Word/PDF/Excel Professional and detailed – Word/PDF/Excel
Download all of your data in Excel and import to 3rd party solutions Paid Free
Analytics Visual dashboard but basic stats A wide variety of detailed reports from problematic items to facility comparison that can easily identify problem areas
Support and Training Via 3rd party consultants By in-house staff
Pictures as evidence (with annotations) Yes Yes
GPS location Yes Yes
Time stamps Yes Yes
Schedule audits Yes Yes
Issue corrective actions Yes Yes
Works without the Internet Yes Yes
Dictate notes Yes Yes

We hope this breakdown will help you and your colleagues make the right choice when it comes to taking your audits and inspections onto a mobile device.

Still have a few questions? We would be happy to help you with your decision. Feel free to contact us today at info@nimonik.com or 1-888-608-7511.