New EHS Updates Process on NimonikApp

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To provide you even faster and clearer updates, we have made the following changes to our EHS Updates process:

Proposed EHS Changes

Proposed Changes are now available here and they have replaced our “EHS Updates”. Access to Proposed Changes is limited by account and jurisdiction.

Adopted EHS Changes

You will continue to receive Actions to review any changes to documents in your Compliance Obligations.

To reduce the number of alerts you receive, we will publish only one alert about the adopted change. For example, if a regulation comes into force over five years, you will receive a Action only when it is adopted.

Adopted Non-EHS Changes

Effective May 1st, we will continue to send alerts but will no longer provide a detailed analysis of updates to Non-EHS documents. This change will ensure that you receive an even deeper analysis of EHS issues from our analysts.

Contact us for more information at or 1-888-608-7511