Enhanced Layout for your Compliance Obligations

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In order to streamline your legal monitoring process, we have made some small enhancements to the layout of our Compliance Obligations. Specifically, we have added a new “Notes” field which will allow you to enter additional information about your legal documents, and improve the order in which information is displayed. We have also done away with the popup descriptions that appeared when you hover over document titles.

When you open the document view of an item in your compliance obligations, information will now be displayed in the following order:

  • Title – The complete title of the legal document.
  • Legal Reference – A shorthand reference to the legal document. If you would like more information about the document, access the original source, or to read about recent changes to it, click on the legal reference link.
  • Clause Level – If you subscribe to the Clause Level Legal Monitoring module, you can click here to access the document at a clause-by-clause level. If you would like more information about clause-level updates, please contact info@nimonik.com.
  • Document Description – A brief summary of the document in question. It cannot be edited.
  • Topics – A list of the key subjects referenced in the document.
  • Notes – This new text field allows you to enter additional information about the document. Like a custom field, it can be filled out for each item in your compliance obligations, but it will remain invisible if no notes are entered.
  • Custom Fields – You can create additional text fields that will appear on every item in your compliance obligations (more information on how to create custom fields here).
  • Review History – A list of all of the tasks that have been assigned and completed for this document. These can include new legislation, legislation update, and internal review tasks.

We hope that you enjoy this new compliance obligation layout. If you have any questions, or comments, we would love to hear from you at support@nimonik.com.

Happy legal monitoring!