Overcome your EHS Challenges in China with the new-generation, cutting-edge software and service

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As the CEO of Nimonik, the company that acquired Envitool in April 2017, I wanted to reach out.

Nimonik understands your challenges in the fast changing and ever more stringent Chinese regulatory environment. To help you overcome your challenges, I would like to present to you our new generation product features and services which are designed specifically keeping you in mind and to help you save time and demonstrate much better reporting to your management.

Starting in February, we will invite you to review and try the new features listed below.

Better Organization of EHS Legal Information

  • Jurisdiction (China Federal, Shanghai,…)
  • Type of document (Law, Guidance, Request for Comment,…);
  • Industry (General, Office, Automotive, Oil & Gas,…);
  • 145 EHS Topics (Wastewater, Air Emissions,…); and,
  • Equipment (Boilers, Forklift, Cranes,…). (late 2018)

Better Access to Information

  • Access to complete regulations on Nimonikapp;
  • Recommendations for laws to track based on other companies in your industry; (late 2018)
  • Easier access to certain publicly available standards;
  • Article level analysis and tracking; and,
  • Compliance checklists/audit protocols.

Improved Software

  • Encrypted and secure software that meets Fortune 500 requirements;
  • Faster website;
  • Auditing software;
  • Permit management tools;
  • Incident management tools.
  • App available on Android and iOS; and,
  • Improved layout and interface.

Reporting and Audit Trails

  • Reporting tools for managers;
  • Record of all of your revisions of EHS laws for evidence during an external audit; and,
  • Dashboards (2018).

Consulting, Accreditation and Training Services

  • Training, auditing, consulting and assessment services through our partners;
  • Quarterly online training on hot topics such as preparing for a government inspection; and,
  • Workshops in Shanghai and other parts of China to improve your EHS skills.

Integrated Monitoring Devices

  • Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring; and,
  • Hardware to connect your existing monitoring devices to a central platform of EHS compliance.

My team and I are eager to hear from you your most pressing EHS and Quality challenges. You can get in touch with us at info@nimonik.com or + 86 21 5172 0468. My team can provide you with a demonstration of the above features at a time most convenient to you.

I hope Nimonik’s commitment to thorough coverage of EHS regulations around the world, rapid regulatory updates and secure and easy to use software is able to provide you with solutions to successfully meet all your challenges.