Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Conference in China

Jonathan Brun

We recently organized a 1 day event on environmental and health and safety compliance in China. The sold out event brought together 60 EHS directors and managers to discuss and learn about the latest enforcement trends in China.

We were honored to have invited Dr. Hu Yinghua, Partner of ERM Company, Ms. Wang Minxiu, Dean of Quality Assurance Institute of British Standards Institution Institute of BSI, Jonathan Brun, CEO of Nimonik, and Mr. Chen Ye Nan, Senior EHS & CSR Compliance Manager, as speakers, ISO45001 Interpretation “,” 2017 Annual Update “and other topics in-depth discussion. The event covered the following topics:

  • How to prepare for inspection from government Environmental Officer – Presented by ERM
  • How to interpret the New version of Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001 (Original OHSAS 18001) – Presented by BSI
  • How to interpret EHS regulatory updates – Presented by Nimonik Slides
  • Demonstration of Nimonik system for Legal Registers and Audit Protocols – Presented by Nimonik

Full EHS 1 day workshop in Shanghai Agenda here

Dr. Hu Yinghua, Partner of ERM, Director of Environmental Impact Assessment and Government Approval Service, presented trends in law enforcement at the national level and for the Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Law, the current situation and trends of the Central Environmental Inspectors along with special inspectors and through actual cases. Dr. Hu identified how companies can reduce environmental non-compliance risks and revealing how companies can correct and improve their operations at reasonable costs to meet new environmental regulations and regulatory requirements. Dr. Hu has a in-depth practical experience and her talk was very welcome by businesses across China who are facing stiffer penalties and more inspections from local and national government authorities.

Ms. Wang Minxiu, President of Quality Assurance Institute of British Standards Institution Institute of Management, BSI, discussed the difference between ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001, the new version of Occupational Health and Safety Management System. She explained how how the new standard can improve an organization’s safety performance – especially for medium and large organizations. She provided in-depth analysis on how occupational health and safety is a major issue in China and can no longer be ignored or made a secondary item to cost. She explained how the promotion of ISO 45001 will provide a greater long term return for employees, management and customers.

Mr. Chen Ye Nan, EHS & CSR Compliance Manager of Nimonik, outlined new key laws, regulations and standards that have been adopted in the field of environmental health and safety in 2017 and shared the trend forecasts for EHS legislation in the coming year. He mainly discussed the Environmental Protection Tax, VOC reduction, the Prevention and Control of Soil Pollution , Sewage Permits and other aspects of the new legislation.