Raglan Mine – Case Study-Nimonik reduced time spent on monitoring legislation at the Raglan Mine.

Jonathan Brun

“With Nimonik, we don’t need an employee working full-time on monitoring regulatory change” – Carole St-Onge

Carole St Onge
Carole St-Onge
Prevention strategy supervisor Raglan Mine, Canada
Carole is the health and safety manager for a remote mine. She is responsible for the implementation and operations support systems, which includes EHS legal monitoring along with respect of corporate standards.

The Challenge

Carole St-Onge ensures EHS compliance for facilities located in an isolated region, far from urban development. She was seeking a simple, customized and automated tool to track changes to legislation.

The Search

  • Carole’s criteria for selection were simplicity, efficiency and reliability.
  • Raglan Mine needed a solution to ensure their operations met and went beyond the applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Carole learned about Nimonik by word of mouth from the consulting firm ERM (Environmental Resources Management).

The Solution

  • With Nimonik, Carole can access her legal register at any time, from any location.
  • Carole was immediately attracted by:
    • The rapid access to legislation;
    • The notifications;
    • The bi-weekly emails, and
    • The possibility of classifying legislation by different activities.

The Implementation

  • The implementation of Nimonik at the Raglan Mine took less than two weeks.
  • Our team helped Carole transfer her legal register, which allowed her to use Nimonik in just a few days.
  • “The upload of our register greatly facilitated the set-up of our legal monitoring. We plan the same thing for our audit protocols, which we will use on Nimonik’s iPad system. “
  • Carole appreciated the “availability of the team to better understand and use Nimonik relative to our needs and operational reality.”

The Results

  • At the Raglan Mine, legal monitoring problems are ancient history.
  • “With Nimonik, we do not need to have an employee working full-time on regulatory monitoring. By allocating the task to review regulatory changes to staff directly involved in operations, we save time and money.”
  • Nimonik enabled Raglan Mine to be in full compliance with the law and to focus on continuous improvement.
  • “We must demonstrate that we follow the legislative changes and Nimonik allows us to make this demonstration
  • December 2014, the Raglan Mine began to implement Nimonik Audit tools alongside the legislative tracking solution. In addition to the savings already achieved with the automation of legal monitoring, Nimonik’s audit tools allowed auditors to save even more time and focus on what is important: the environment, health and safety.