Nimonik EHS Workshop China on Nov 14 in Shanghai

Jonathan Brun

EHS China (1)

Environmental inspections and new health and safety standards are coming into force in China. To help you prepare, Nimonik is organizing a one day event on November 14th in Shanghai. Experts from ERM, BSI and Nimonik will discuss how you can ensure you are ready for the new EHS challenges in China.

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How to prepare for an inspection from a Government Environmental officer – presented by ERM

Chinese environmental law is becoming stricter every day. To maintain a competitive advantage in the Chinese market, environmental compliance is not optional and it is growing in complexity and rigour. Recent large-scale national environmental inspection programs from the central government are demonstrating its seriousness in improving the living environment for all Chinese citizens. This talk will discuss the background and driving force of environmental inspectors and how you can prepare and respond to regular environmental inspectors? ERM will share its experiences and lessons learned to help you understand China’s environmental law enforcement trends and improve our compliance practices.

How to interpret the new version of occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001 (Original OHSAS 18001) – presented by BSI

New version of the occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001 will be released shortly.

  • What are the key differences between OHSAS18001 and ISO 45001?
  • How to prepare for the transfer from 18001 to 45001?
  • How does the new standard improve organization’s safety performance and align with the company’s strategic objectives?

2017 Legal Updates Review and Legislation Tendency Interpretation – presented by Nimonik

Review of major EHS legal changes in Mainland China in 2017 and view on upcoming changes. Benjamin Chen will also discuss good practices for the interpretation and analysis of EHS regulatory changes and updates.

Demonstration of Nimonik system for Law Lists and Audit Protocols – presented by Nimonik

Learn how to track EHS regulations effectively and audit on the web, Android and iOS devices. This presentation will demonstrate the key features of the Nimonik legal

tracking system and ISO 14001 legal register management. It will also demonstrate how you can convert an Audit plan into a series of clear seps to improve your

compliance. We will show how to:

  • Schedule audits at your facilities
  • Conduct an EHS or Quality audit on the web and on mobile devices
  • Link audit findings to equipment and issues
  • Create and close Corrective Actions and Effectiveness Assessments
  • Generate powerful management reports


900 RMB / person