KBM Resources Group – Case Study NimonikApp EHS Updates

Jonathan Brun

Nimonik enables KBM Resources to provide streamlined services to Saskatchewan forestry companies.

The harvester working in a forest.“Nimonik helps us deliver easy to understand environmental updates to our clients.” – Diane Roddy, Saskatchewan Manager KBM Resources, Canada. Diane manages KBM’s environmental consulting and technical services, which range from aerial surveys and GIS technology to reforestation and field surveys.

The Challenge

KBM Resources Group is an independently-owned natural resources consulting firm based in Northern Ontario. In 2011, KBM opened an office in Prince Albert, with Diane as the branch manager, to better serve their Saskatchewan clients.

An association of Saskatchewan forestry companies approached Diane with a request for ISO 14001 and SFM standards legal compliance updates. The companies ran their own woodlands operations and needed to understand and monitor federal and provincial requirements.

Diane launched an investigation to a legislation monitoring service that could provide a cost-effective group subscription.

The Search

  • KBM Resources searched for a group subscription because “at that time, the forestry industry was in a severe downturn” and they wanted a cost-effective solution.
  • Diane found Nimonik through a simple web search.

The Solution

  • Diane and her team were impressed by Nimonik’s “easy-to-use free trial subscription.”
  • She also found Nimonik to be fexible and very willing to provide the group subscription that was an essential need.
  • Nimonik clearly had the best fit for KBM’s needs. As Diane says, “We checked into what was available and started a group subscription with Nimonik.”

The Implementation

  • Diane was in charge of implementing Nimonik at KBM. She identified the relevant forestry legislation for her clients and created their profiles on the Nimonik site.
  • When Diane had questions about the implementation process, she found that Nimonik’s team was “quick to respond” and “always able to help.”
  • KBM’s clients easily adopted the new technology. As Diane explains, “companies that are part of the subscription are happy, as auditors feel that this method of tracking legal updates satisfies the certification requirements they have to meet.”
  • KBM’s clients were also happy to discover that their EHS updates are easy to read. The accessible language used in the updates help the companies clarify their environmental compliance requirements.

The Results

  • In 2012, KBM Resources brought their Saskatchewan forestry clients onto the NimonikApp platform. Since then, they have added more clients and have received high marks on the quality of their service, thanks in part to Nimonik.
  • Diane reports that Nimonik’s “tracking of legislation changes” has helped KBM deliver a high quality service to their clients, who can now more effectively “meet their certification obligations.”
  • KBM Resources is a proud affiliate partner of Nimonik. Learn how your consulting firm can become a Nimonik affiliate by visiting https://nimonik.com/solution-partners/.