EHS Compliance Tools to be Upgraded over the Next 8 months

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Nimonik is working on something big!

The world is a better place when companies respect environmental, health, safety and quality requirements. Nimonik exists to help companies move towards compliance and excellence. Today we are excited to announce three new key features, as well as our plans for the next few months.

1- Ensure Compliance to Regulations with Clause Level Compliance Obligations

Nimonik now offers you the ability to analyze laws, regulations and some standards at the clause level. This allows you to:

  1. Receive more granular updates when a specific clause or article changes.
  2. Link specific requirements to your work procedures, operations, and teams.

To help you navigate and filter this information, it will be organized according to:

  1. Jurisdiction
  2. Industry
  3. Topic 
  4. Equipment

By June 2018, you will be able to select the following for most jurisdictions;

  1. Industry
  2. Equipment(i.e. Boilers, Forklift, Air Conditioning,…)
  3. Relevant Environmental, Health, and Safety topics. (Air emissions, Personal protective equipment,…)

The NimonikApp software will then create two items :

  1. Regulatory requirements profile for the Facility in question.
  2. An Audit Protocol for you to use to ensure regulatory compliance

We are processing the data as we speak. With over 50,000 regulatory documents this is a big task and it will be done progressively over the years to come. We are engaged around the world with companies who want to better respect the regulations that apply to them and we work collaboratively to prioritize the regulatory documents that matter most to them. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

If you would like to join the many companies around the world who work with us to respect EHS and Quality requirements, please contact us at

2 – Corporate IT Security Module

With data breaches making the daily news, Nimonik is constantly striving to improve our data security, and keep it at industry leading levels. With our new Corporate Security Module, you can now:

  • Keep your at-rest data fully encrypted
  • Set long password requirements
  • Automatically reset user passwords
  • Require Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Set login attempt limits
  • Integrate Active Directory for login and certain other functionality (available in 2018)

Nimonik will be ISO 27001 certified in early 2018. If you would like to learn more about our data security and this add-on module, contact us today at

3 – Audit your Equipment, Departments and Manage Teams

To help model your compliance information around your operational reality, Nimonik has introduced two new elements:


Starting in November 2017, you will be able to group your colleagues into Teams and assign audits, corrective actions and other responsibilities to them collectively. Any member of the team will be able to complete  tasks and the Nimonik system will record who complete the task and when. This feature is designed to help large organizations with rolling staff and teams better manage responsibilities and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.


Departements sit within a Facility, which sites within a Division. This allows you to create a clear picture of your organization and map your audits and information to the appropriate places. You can link audits and other items to departments such as Receiving, Production lines, Shipping, and Office Space, and create comparative reports to see how individual departments are doing across all of your operations worldwide.


You can now load your Assets (Equipment and Machinery) into Nimonik and then schedule audits, inspections and preventative maintenance. Equipement can be loaded from your existing Excel files, CMMS or ERP systems, or entered using our mobile and web based software. Once entered, you can use barcodes to track equipment and link audits, corrective actions, and other items to equipment.

This system allows you to track responsibilities for audits, inspections and regulatory compliance across your organization.

To learn more contact us today at