New Features on NimonikApp: Departments, Asset-Specific Corrective Action Reports, and Teams

Jonathan Brun

At Nimonik we are always striving to make managing EHS compliance easier and more accessible. This is why we are excited to announce three new features that will help you more effectively manage your business.

1. Departments

Departments allow you create subdivisions within facilities to help you organize your data more effectively.

Audits, Assets, Teams (coming soon), Compliance Obligations, and more can now be grouped by department to help you better organize your business.

Creating a new Department is simple

  1. Go to the ‘More’ in the menu and select ‘Settings’. You can now see all your existing departments.
  2. Click on ‘Add a Department’, and fill in the required information to create your new department.

add a department

Once you have created your Departments, you can associate them to your facilities in ‘Edit Facilities’


2. ‘Filter by Assets’ on Corrective Actions Report

audit on assets

You can now track the corrective action history of your assets effortlessly using the Asset filter on the Corrective Actions Report.

The generated report will show you the key information about the corrective actions associated with a chosen asset at a glance, including:

  • due date
  • responsible person
  • completion date
  • completion status

You can also refine your results by using the other available filters, like Audit, Status, Responsible Person, etc.

3. Teams (Coming Soon)

Nimonik will soon unveil a new feature; ‘Teams’.

With ‘Teams’ you can group your employees into teams. Actions and responsibilities that until now could only be assigned to a single responsible person can now be assigned to teams.

Please keep an eye out for these new features, and as always, if you have any feedback we would be delighted to hear from you. Contact us anytime at or 1-888-608-7511

Happy Auditing!