FAMI-QS Surveillance and Re-Certification Audit Made Easy with Free Checklists

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The FAMI-QS Code, designed for international validity, is the best way to prove to your clients that your agricultural feed products meet regulatory standards. It is the only certification recognized by the European Commission that is aimed at speciality feed ingredients and their mixtures. Hence, maintaining the certification by consistently staying in conformance with the FAMI-QS Code is necessary to grow and expand your business.

The FAMI-QS Code demands your Feed Safety Management System to always stay in compliance with the HACCP and ISO 9001 standards in addition to a few other standards and regulations. To retain the certification, you are also obliged to maintain consistent records of all your compliance efforts.

To help you save hours of auditing time that you can use to focus on your business instead of worrying about maintaining certification, we have prepared free auditing checklists on our efficient and easy to use web and mobile software, Nimonik App. The software plays a critical role of creating a complete paper trail of all your compliance efforts.


The checklists and audit protocols listed below are available free of cost, and will help you stay compliant with the EU and local statutory, regulatory & contractual requirements, in accordance with FAMI-QS Code.

Learn more about Nimonik Auditing Software  to know how you can save hours of auditing time while still meeting all your compliance obligations easily and efficiently.

FAMI-QS Code Checklist
HACCP Checklist
ISO 9001: 2015 Checklist
ISO 17025: 2005 Checklist
FSMA Checklist
CFR-Title 21 Part 11 Checklist
CFR-Title 21 Part 1-9 Checklist

We would be happy to give you a free demonstration on how to conduct efficient and quick audits with the checklists on our app. Contact us anytime at info@nimonik.com or 1-888-608-7511 to schedule the training. Happy auditing!