Case Study: How an automotive supplier integrated auditing and legal compliance platform to save costs and increase efficiency

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Tyler Tilker
Environmental Advisor and Inspector F&P Manufacturing, Canada
Tyler is responsible for environmental compliance at a plant of 750 employees. He must maintain an ISO 14001 system, respect environmental regulations, conduct compliance audits and manage the MSDS system
and the Recycling Program.

The Challenge

F&P Manufacturing makes car parts and components for Honda. Operations include stamping, welding, hydroforming and painting. F&P has been in business for 27 years and employs people working 3 shifts a day, 7 days a week!

Tyler explains that F&P wanted to find a legislation monitoring service because the “constant changes to regulations and legislation make it difficult to stay up to date with all the changes. It is also difficult interpreting some of the laws.”

Tyler also wanted a more efficient solution for collecting audit findings and issuing corrective actions and reports. F&P conducts 30 inspections per year of the factory and, as Tyler recalls, they were stretched thin using just “emails and manpower.”

The Search

Tyler looked on the web for a cost effective solution for both ISO 14001 compliance maintenance and regular factory inspections. Nimonik interested Tyler because of the “incorporation of the audit tool with the legal compliance information.”

The Solution

Tyler and his team at F&P chose Nimonik because: we offer rapid access to legislation, easy-to-understand summaries of legislative changes and an integrated audit system. Another feature that appealed to Tyler was the email notification when legislation changes. He realized that this was an effective way of keeping the ISO 14001 legal register up to date at all times.

The Implementation

The implementation of Nimonik EHS Updates at F&P took less than a week.

Tyler describes what it was like to use the new system: “First time I tried Nimonik, it was pretty straightforward. A few regulations we were alerted about did not apply to us (i.e. Fire Code, Fishery Act). At first I thought it was painful, but ultimately it was a good review process.” Better safe than sorry. In the end, Tyler finds the system, “easy to navigate.” Tyler also appreciates the easy-to-understand summaries of legislative changes. “I even checked some other amendments just for fun,” he admits.

After using EHS Updates, F&P also deployed iPads and the Nimonik Audit Module. “The audit tool implementation went very well. The customer service was good also.”

F&P speaks to Nimonik on a regular basis and Tyler has regularly spoken with Nimonik’s president, Jonathan.

The Results

F&P moved their ISO 14001 legal register to Nimonik in 2011 and started using Nimonik for environmental, health and safety audits in 2014. As Tyler sees it, the main benefits of using Nimonik are: “simple tracking of all legislation in many different areas,” with “big time savings on the legal tracking and the audits.” Tyler finds that he has “increased overall knowledge on many regulations. A lot of regulations we did not know existed, we are now familiar with.” Other benefits include “improved morale (tablets are always fun) and improved quality of the audit data and corrective actions follow-up.”

Next up for F&P is implementing Nimonik quality audits. “The amount of content available is extremely attractive. If any law changes, we have great faith to be able to find it there or contacting Nimonik.”

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