Data Encryption at Rest for Stronger Security

Jonathan Brun

Data security on app

Information Technology Security is a growing industry as more and more companies are subjected to attacks and malicious incursions by a variety of actors.

Nimonik has always taken data security very seriously, but with growing challenges and threats, Nimonik has embarked on a mission to improve its data-security systems and procedures and be an industry leader for environmental, health and safety and quality compliance solutions. Nimonik will be certified ISO 27001 by the end of 2017 and it has already deployed the certain critical solutions to keep our clients safe.

All data hosted on NimonikApp is now encrypted at rest. That is to say, the data in the database that hosts our client data and our regulatory and other information is now encrypted in such a way that only Nimonik can decrypt it. Encryption, a key element of a strong cyber security strategy, converts data into an indecipherable code to prevent unauthorized access. This protection prevents any other party from reading from the database without the appropriate accesses and keys.

Nimonik has also deployed Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems to augment the monitoring systems that are already in place.

Shortly Nimonik will deploy the following additional security measures:

  • Multi-Factor authentication with mobile phones to allow for secure logins
  • Automatic resets of passwords every 90 days
  • Stronger password requirements
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • Regular penetration tests by external firms
  • Many other items that will help further secure the system, contact us at to learn more

At Nimonik, security is our highest priority and we do our best to safeguard sensitive data and personal information of our customers.