Audit Tool for iOS Updated

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Nimonik has released a new version of its iOS app for audits and inspections of quality, environmental and safety issues. The main new feature is a new Facility Filter. This feature allows you to view your Facilities (factories, locations,…) that have ongoing or open audits.

By default, the list of audits will display only the facilities that have ongoing audits for the user. By pressing the funnel icon on the top right hand corner of the audit list (see image), you can change the filter settings as follows:

  • (Green) Show only Facilities with ongoing audits (current default)
  • (Yellow) Show only Facilities with audits
  • (Red) Show only Facilities without audits
  • (Blue) Show all Facilities (pre filter default)

The funnel icon will adopt the colour of the filter setting. The selected filter setting is retained, until changed by the user.