Assessment of Effectiveness of Corrective Actions (CAR)

Jonathan Brun

If a corrective action fails to solve a problem and there is no one there to see it, did the corrective action ever take place?

Assessing the effectiveness of the corrective actions your organization takes is critical to continuous improvement. Nimonik is happy to announce a new feature to help you implement and follow-up on corrective actions found during audits and inspections. Here are some details on what you can find on 

Many companies, especially in the aerospace and military environment, are legally required to assess the effectiveness of completed corrective action to an audit finding. With modern software, this has never been easier. With Nimonik, when you issue a Corrective Action based on an Audit Finding, you can now issue a task to conduct an assessment of the effectiveness of a corrective action.

The Effectiveness Assessment Action has:

  • a responsible person;
  • a due date; and
  • a description of the task.

The Action is linked back to both the Corrective Action, the Completion Notes and the Audit Finding, to help the person understand what they are assessing.

Completing an Effectiveness Assessment Action

The person responsible for the Effectiveness of Assessment will receive email alerts before and after the due date. When completing the assessment, you will loge:

  • An explanatory note, and
  • Automatically log the date, time, and person who completed the task.

To see all of your Effectiveness Assessments and relevant Corrective Actions, you can issue a Corrective Action Report with the option to include Effectiveness Assessments any time (available April 15th, 2017). This report will help you show 2nd and 3rd party auditors that you are not only completing your corrective actions, but also conducting robust and regular effectiveness assessments.