Asset and Equipment Management Enhancement with Bar Codes

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To ensure your assets are conducting preventative inspections and staying operational, Nimonik has extended its Asset management Module to help you quickly inspect and validate your equipment. Here are some details on what you can find on to help you better manage your equipment and assets.

  • Plant personnel can use the Nimonik Audit mobile app to scan the bar code of a Facility Asset (equipment) which will display the list of inspection templates for the type of asset as well as any scheduled audits for that asset.
  • The plant personnel can then easily select an inspection template or a previously scheduled audit for the asset and create an inspection on the spot for the equipment in question!
  • The person can then perform the audit of the asset – with or without an internet connection – and send the results and relevant action items to the appropriate people.

Asset performance and inspection schedules are all available on Nimonik App in the Obligations Report. You can use Nimonik app to easily report to management on equipment maintenance and inspections for quality, safety and environmental compliance of your physical assets.