Rack Safety and Compliance

Jonathan Brun

By Cortes003, https-//commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File-KIN_4519
By Cortes003, https-//commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File-KIN_4519

Nimonik knows that pallet racks, although crucial to the logistics of your operations, are often overlooked at your facilities. A collapsing rack can not only kill staff, it can damage inventory, cause delays and reduce profitability, hence the importance of properly inspecting and maintaining your racks frequently.

In this presentation, Rack Net-Works’ Principle Engineer and Lead Rack Inspector, Tony Mulholland and Brian Rusciolelli, cover a range of elements pertaining to the inspection of racks. These experts introduce storage racking through the description of the various types of racks, they present the standards ensuring rack safety, they describe the process of inspection and how to respond to failures, and finally, they review capacity in ensuring racks are not overloaded.

You can learn more about rack safety and compliance, in this free presentation and slides.

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Nimonik Expert EHS Webinar Series: Rack Safety and Compliance from Jonathan Brun on Vimeo.