Audit and Compliance Obligations Reports and Multiple Corrective Actions

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Nimonik is happy to announce updated Audit Reports and Multiple Corrective Actions per Audit Item. Here are some details on what you can find on

Multiple Corrective Actions per Audit Finding

Users of NimonikApp and Nimonik iOS Audit tool can now issue and track up to four corrective actions per Audit Finding. This allows you and your team to issue and manage both short term and long term actions, as well as issue actions to various different people and ensure they close them out. Remember, whenever you issue an action, you can assign a responsible person and when that person completes the action, you can accept or reject their action.

Audit And Compliance Obligations Management Reports

3.1 Company Template Audit Trends

Compare the audit results from multiple audits at multiple locations, but all based on the same Audit Template. This is used to see the progress of your organization against a specific set of requirements.

3.2 Corrective Actions

Identify all of your corrective actions across your organization and determine which people, locations, divisions or periods have the best and worst performance for closing corrective actions from Audits. This report will help your team stay on top of actions that need to be closed out.

3.3 Facility Comparison

Compare the performance of your organization on a Facility by Facility basis. Identify operations that have more compliance issues and those that are performing better.

3.4 Incidents Report

See trends in safety and environmental incidents across your organization. Identify locations that are having more incidents and might require interventions such as training.

3.5  Problematic Items

Quickly Identify if certain Audit Items from the same Audit Template are being found as non-compliant across your operations. This report aims to help you pinpoint your problem items and potentially conduct root cause analysis to solve the underlying problem.

3.6 Audit Items (Available November 2016)

This report allows you to see the performance of a specific Audit Item across your operations. It will help you determine if an Audit Item is trending towards improved compliance, or not. Compare results on a Weekly, Quarterly or Annual basis.

3.7 Obligation

Identify if your organization is promptly renewing its permits and if it is complying to any Compliance Obligation that comes from an internal corporate requirement, an environmental permit or stakeholder engagement.

3.8 Logs

Download a complete list of the changes made within your organization’s account. You can see completed corrective actions, reviewed legal updates and changes to your Compliance Obligations.

3.9 Audit Data

Download a single Excel or CSV file of all of your audit data including audit findings, filtered by date.

3.10 Compliance Obligations Reviews (available November 2016)

Identify the speed of revisions by your organization of legal changes and new legislation that impacts your Compliance Obligations. Identify Facilities and Responsible Users.