NimonikApp Upgraded with Better Reporting for EHS and Quality Performance

Jonathan Brun

NimonikApp has been updated with a series of improvements, everything from better reporting to more authorization control. These updates are free to all of our subscribers and aim to further improve environmental, safety and quality compliance.


  • Improved reporting on Facility (or operations) performance. See a clear numerical value for the compliance of each location. Watch a video here.
  • Extract a detailed scoring breakdown within each Excel, Word and CSV Audit Report you export from the system.
  • Add your position and title to your profile on NimonikApp and include titles in Audit reports.
  • Export your company’s Actions into Excel for management meetings, easily see who is on-time and who is late with their compliance tasks.


  • Auditing is now easier with a new interface – rapidly jump between audit question groups, search for the right requirement and everything loads 50% faster!
  • Delete multiple audit questions at once in Company Templates, allowing you to pair down large audit protocols to be company specific.
  • Improved filter for the “audit items”  to help you find audit items more rapidly.
  • Better Rich Text File exports of Audit Reports.

Legal Registers and Compliance Obligations

  • A new powerful interface for large lists of Compliance Obligations, search for requirements and the page loads much faster, especially for large registers.
  • Save notes on legal requirements even if no changes to applicability or compliance has been made.
  • Replace and update your environmental permits and other company specific documents.
  • Seamlessly assign rights to the auditor when a template is cloned.
  • Legal Register CSV/Excel Export now contains the name of the last person who revised the item and the date and time of that last revision.


  • Users are now listed in alphabetical order across the app Legal Register, Audits, and templates.
  • Receive email alerts when a Corrective Action tied to a safety, quality or environmental incident is issued.

Mobile Auditing on iOS

  • Risk weight for each question is now read-only.
  • Rapidly select all or no groupings of audit questions.
  • Auditor is now prepopulated when starting an audit.