Rack Safety and Inspection Standards Explained

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By Cortes003, https-//commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File-KIN_4519

By Cortes003, https-//commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File-KIN_4519

This expert video addresses rack safety standards and the required inspections. Tony, a 30 year veteran of the industry, discusses the CSA User Guide, CSA Training and how it might benefit safety at your business.

Storage racks are the backbone of the logistics industry. Used by businesses around the world, their maintenance and safety should be a regular part of any professional company’s operations. A collapsing rack can not only kill staff, it can damage inventory, cause delays and reduce profitability.

Rack inspection requirements are becoming more and more common in building codes and it seems most countries have or are developing their respective standards companies should be aware of. In Canada, the CSA A344 is the user guide that establishes the needs for inspection. In the United States, the document that deals with inspection of racking is the RMI publication Considerations for the Planning and Use of Industrial Steel Storage Racks. And in Europe, the important benchmark document is the EN15635.

This Fall, Nimonik will be diving into more details on the subject. To learn more about rack inspection standards, please register for Nimonik’s Expert EHS Webinar on Rack Safety & Compliance, taking place November 15th at 11AM EST.

About Tony

Tony Mulholland has 30 years of professional engineering experience and is a specialist in the field of storage systems engineering. He is the Principle Engineer of Rack Net-Works. Tony is the key developer of CSA’s one-day seminar on rack inspection and maintenance and acts as one of their lead instructors.