Why did we create Nimonik?

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Nimonik was conceived to provide access and guidance on environmental laws. Though it has evolved since, our core driving purpose remains the same. We still believe that easier access and comprehension of regulatory and industry requirements allow organizations to reduce pollution, worker injuries and quality issues.

Most regulations are born of disaster. Environmental spills, worker accidents, product recalls, even financial crises are the mother of most regulations.  In the 18th century, the industrial revolution gave birth to the first environmental regulations. The regulations focused on improving air quality in cities that were burning coal to spin cotton, melt iron and build our modern civilization. These first restrictions on industry led to the recognition that people and communities have the right to live in a secure and clean environment. The initial regulations led to others and they set precedents. These first steps bred other movements such as labour unions, environmental protection agencies and product quality standards. The regulations changed society’s expectations.

Pollution, worker injury and tainted products remain a significant threat to our communities and to the entire planet. Laws, regulations and standards may seem like a boring way of bringing about social change. Yet, the laws enacted and enforced by government and the standards adopted by industry are the source code of society. As software code determines the actions of the software, our laws determine the behaviour of society. The rules we adopt have a massive impact on everyone. A quick comparison between air quality in a developed country and in an emerging economy starkly reminds us that without laws, selfish economic profit will take precedent over the people’s health.

Nimonik cannot force companies to respect regulations. We can however offer tools that allow organizations to understand and meet requirements more efficiently.  Everyone benefits when a company more easily understands, implements and verifies the respect of rules. Nimonik removes friction to compliance.

We believe that operations can be both safe, clean and productive. Nimonik combines four key ingredients: technology, information, design and customer service. These base ingredients allow us to build a product that will improve compliance to environmental, safety, and quality requirements. Through Nimonik products and services, a company can improve its local and global impact on the world. Nimonik helps move society forward.