ISO 50001 Legal Registers for Energy Management

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Did you know that ISO 50001 Standard for energy management requires you to maintain a legal register, similar to ISO 14001?

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An energy management system requires a process for compliance and valuation of energy-related regulations. Internal audit can help to verify that the energy management system is functioning properly and generating the planned results. The processes are monitored with regard to legal and other requirements (customer requirements, internal policies) as well as to the objectives of the energy management of the organization. The results are documented and reported to top management.[18]

Nimonik works with a number of energy producers as well as many energy consumers to ensure that they have legal information organized and in order so that they can demonstrate their compliance to ISO 50001. This voluntary requirement is in addition to new requirements in the EU to conduct energy audits under the Energy Efficiency Directive. As CO2 continues to rise, efforts to reduce energy consumption as much as efforts to shift to renewable will have a big impact on our collective future. Legislation on energy issues is evolving, with the EU taking the lead on a number of fronts. Nimonik is here to help companies looking to manage their environmental and energy legal requirements in an efficient and effective manner.