The Importance of Workplace Safety – Free OHS OSHA Checklists

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A serious workplace injury can not only change the life of an individual and their family, but can also cause a significant financial burden to the employer’s company.

According to the United States Department of Labour, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, businesses spend an estimated $170 million a year on costs related to injuries and illnesses. These expenses affect a company directly through medical bills and workers’ compensation, and indirectly with loss of productive work-hours due to worker impairment.

In an effort to mitigate the financial burden of injuries and safety violations, companies are now strongly emphasizing worker safety. Focus on safe practices has been measurably shown to decrease long-term, health-related costs, and improve the quality of work by boosting employee motivation and overall safety.

Implementing a strong health and safety program has shown to boost productivity by 13% in large companies, and save over $200,000 in smaller, 50-person companies.

At Nimonik, we value Environmental, Health and Safety compliance above all, and would like to offer the following free checklists to help improve your workplace safety:

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