Junior or Mid-Level Ruby on Rails Developer

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Location: Mile-End, Montréal, Canada


You will be working with the CTO and CEO of a small, but self-funded and growing company in the B2B SaaS space. We work on mobile and web and have a UX professional. We are focused on the application of machine learning and NLP technology to environmental, health and safety regulatory information. Our team consists of lawyers, engineers and scientists who are passionate about applying technology to law to make it practical to use in industrial settings.

Our website is https://nimonik.com

Start date: immediate, remote contract or moving to Montreal.


– 3+ years of programming experience

– 1+ years of Ruby/Rails

– Javascript

– test-oriented (rspec/capybara/cucumber)

– git proficiency

Nice-to-have (should meet at least one of them):

– experience with at least one Javascript MVC framework (preferred Backbone Marionette)

– UI/UX design/validation experience

– experience with serving public APIs (optimizing, versioning)

– proficiency with caching Rails apps

Our products stack:

– Rails 4.2/Ruby 2.3

– JSON API serving iOS and Android client apps

– MySQL/Redis/Solr

– Backbone Marionette + jQuery + Foundation on the client side

– Continuous integration setup with RSpec/Cucumber/Jenkins

– deployment with capistrano and puppet

– staging and production servers hosted Amazon EC2 as Ubuntu 14.04 LTS instances

About Nimonik

Established in 2008, Nimonik inc. is a growing Montréal based company that sits at the intersection of law, web technology and industrial operations. We offer services to mining, manufacturing, real estate management and other business to help them manage their environmental, health and safety legal obligations.

As legal costs have grown exponentially over the past decade, companies are searching for opportunities to reduce their legal expenses while ensuring compliance. Everyone at Nimonik believes there is tremendous opportunity to help facility managers ensure compliance at lower cost. The application of Natural Language Processing, AI and other algorithms to case law, legislation and generated content offer the possibility to exponentially reduce the complexity of law. We are looking for an individual who shares our vision of the use of technology to help businesses better manage their obligations, while staying focused on their core business.

Contact jbrun@nimonik.com with CV, GitHub handle and motivational email