Making EHS A Priority This Holiday Season

Jonathan Brun

Tis the season! With the holiday season in full swing, our focus shifts towards what to offer family and friends and the preparation of delicious food. But we must not let the peppermint lattes and roasted chestnuts distract us from the all too present risks that follow every winter.

We have almost all fallen victim to a slip on the ice or a car that won’t start. These common issues can, at times, lead to serious risks and hazards. The heaviest burden lies upon professionals who work outdoors such as mail carriers, construction workers, electricians, and patrol officers. These occupations have an especially heightened risk of exposure to the dangers of colder temperatures.

For employers and individuals alike, bracing yourself for those four months of snow and ice can be a lengthy and demanding process. Winterizing the home, the car and the office should all be top priorities when gearing up for the cold. For employers, adopting a winter weather policy will be critical for minimizing the occurrence of slips, trips and falls. In addition to avoiding a nasty bruise or a hospital visit, winterizing your environment and being mindful of winter’s unpredictable challenges can significantly reduce costs. A winterized home or office can cut electricity and heating costs, giving you more disposable income to spend on your loved ones over the holidays!

Nimonik has put together a quick and easy winter preparedness checklist to help minimize the common environmental, health and safety (EHS) risks that come with this time of year. You can access the Winter Preparedness Checklist as well as download a trial account of Nimonik to use this checklist on your mobile device here. Just make sure you wear touchscreen winter gloves to avoid frostbite!

By the same token, and in the spirit of Christmas, the Nimonik team has also created a safety checklist for the man with the big white beard, the can-do attitude and the ability to spread joy around the world in a single night: Mr. Claus himself! Click here to access Santa’s Checklist.

On behalf of Nimonik, have a safe and happy holidays.