The A.C.T. Group Case Study – Auditing more efficiently

Jonathan Brun

Phil Atkinson, Co-Owner, Managing Director, The A.C.T Group

Pontefract, West Yorkshire, UK


As the Co-Owner and Managing Director, Phil is responsible for the operational aspects of the A.C.T Group. He is concerned with matters of technology and seeks to increase efficiency within the A.C.T Group.


The A.C.T Group provides expert compliance solutions that mitigate risk and fulfill legal and moral obligations. With its internal team of trained auditors, the A.C.T Group strives to remain at the forefront of technology and efficiently engage in risk management services.

With a strong presence in the automotive and events industries, A.C.T requires a mobile compliance solution that ensures efficiency and ease of use. As the company continues to expand its client base and its workload increases, having a simple and streamlined auditing tool is of utmost importance.


  • Phil and his team at A.C.T have experimented with several audit procedures in the past – from the traditional pen and paper, to Word and Excel and to other online platforms such as CS Stars and iAuditor.
  • The main issue with these other solutions was the final output – A.C.T Group clients were not fully satisfied with the look and content within these reports.
  • Through a quick search on Google for an alternative auditing software, Phil came across the Nimonik solution and downloaded the free trial. He uploaded few sample questions so he could see how it worked and was pleased with function to automatically generate a report once the audit is completed. Phil also noted that the option to download the report in various formats was useful to him and his team.


  • “Efficiency is a big thing – our target is to visit a site, arrive at 9:15am finish at 3:30pm and then push a button and say that’s the audit completed.” The Nimonik team is working hard to help the A.C.T Group realize this goal.
  • Phil explains that while he appreciates the user interface, the ease of use,  the vast template library and the price point of the Nimonik solution, one of the most attractive features is the customer service.
  • The team has an on-boarding training with Luciano and “he was great, he showed us how to use the system.” Nimonik also makes sure to reply to emails quickly and is always welcoming any comments or feedback on user experience.



  • While the time spent conducting the audit is similar to the methods previously used, report creation is much more efficient with Nimonik. It now takes an administrator 20-30 minutes to do a report, it used to take 1-2 hours.
  • Creating checklists and uploading checklists from Excel is a seamless process.



  • On a scale of 1 to 4, A.C.T. rates Nimonik’s customer service a 4.
  • “From an efficiency and portability point of view, it’s enabled us to win more business!”