Fire Safety Audit Checklists for Commercial and Residential Buildings

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Although China’s tragic Tianjin explosion earlier this summer is no longer in the public eye, the damages remain. This explosion resulted in the death of 173 and a 5km affected radius. Investigations into the blast concluded that the disaster was a direct result of warehouses storing more hazardous material than permitted, including 700 tonnes of highly toxic sodium cyanide, and being closer to residential buildings than legally allowed. One cannot help but think what preventative measures could have been put in place to avoid such a catastrophe.

Closer to home, an estimated 900 large building fires are reported annually in the United States alone, resulting in dozens of deaths and $2.6 billion in damages. However, technological advances in fire prevention, proper planning, and design, can thwart the causes of these misfortunes.

This series of Fire Safety Audit Checklists will help you assess your commercial and residential fire safety obligations:

With our compiled Fire Safety Audit Checklists, one can design for potential fire hazards, or simply spruce up emergency procedures.

Don’t rely on Stop, Drop and Roll: Let our checklists extinguish the threat!