Petroleum Specialized Inspections Case Study for Auditing Oil Rigs

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CASE STUDY – How to keep oil rigs safe and operational with an iPad and Android Solution

Vicki Boutilier

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Finance and Operations Manager

PSI – Petroleum Specialized Inspections Corp

Deseronto, Ontario, Canada


Petroleum Specialized Inspections (PSI) is an independent specialized company providing professional consulting and inspection services. PSI helps its clients mitigate risk and downtime by providing fast, customized inspection services.

PSI has successfully utilized the Nimonik solution in a recent pilot project based in Australia, and is working closely with Nimonik to revamp their business methodology and provide their clients with greater access and understanding into the inspection process.


  • Vicki and her team at PSI had been struggling to find a solution that could take their list of deficiencies and combine it into a report.
  • With their original software creating too many technical issues, PSI resorted to Excel spreadsheets as their main tool for inspections.
  • Through browsing on the Internet, Vicki came across the Nimonik App, downloaded the free trial and showed the tool to her colleagues. The PSI team immediately realized the potential for Nimonik to be the tool they were searching for, and the team behind the solution they could collaborate with.


  • When asked about the components of the tool most appreciated, Vicki notes the importance of due diligence for PSI clients – the Nimonik solution allows the PSI team to show its clients the thousands of questions that are passed every day.
  • Another great feature is the app’s history logs – “you can see when things were completed; one of the biggest selling features.”


  • Once PSI subscribed to Nimonik, CEO Jonathan Brun visited the PSI office in Deseronto, ON to give the team a walkthrough of the app and its full features.
  • “The implementation of the Nimonik solution within the pilot project worked really well!” PSI is excited to see what will come next in this collaborative effort.
  • The technical assistance from the Nimonik IT team is going to allow PSI auditors to feel reassured that they are covering all their bases. “Other processes (out there) were so overwhelming.”


  • Graham Towers, PSI’s lead field auditor, said, “the reason we want to use the app is to ensure that competent persons could conduct an audit with all of the questions at hand rather than bring trainees into the office. Putting the questions into a format where a person can answer directly and create the final report simultaneously…makes it much more efficient.”
  • Vicki appreciates the personal aspect of Nimonik’s customer service. “You’re speaking to real people on the phone” who are dedicated to helping you get the most out of the Nimonik solution.
    • On a scale of 1 to 4, PSI rates Nimonik’s customer service a 4!
  • It also helps that the “cost is phenomenal and so worth it.”