Team Auditing Solutions – iAuditor vs Nimonik

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Bring on the Team: How Nimonik and iAuditor Compare for Multiple Auditors and Auditees

At Nimonik we have spoken to countless potential clients, and upon discussing features, functionality and other solutions that are being considered, the name iAuditor occasionally comes up. We have already compared the advantages of iAuditor and Nimonik, but we would like to address the specific issue of large teams with a need for data management.

When comparing two different software providers, it is important to be sure that the aspects of each are compared properly and that you are using the right tool for your application. In this post, I will attempt to point out  the strengths and weaknesses of each tool and demonstrate which can be an ideal solution for organizations with teams need the ability to collaborate seamlessly.

Obviously, I am going to ultimately suggest to you that the Nimonik tool is the best overall solution (especially when a team approach to auditing is desired), but I want to genuinely acknowledge that our competitor, iAuditor, can be a good choice as well, depending on your company’s needs. Let’s look at a couple of specific scenarios and see how both tools have advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider.

First, I had a friend who needed to move and was looking for a checklist system for his smartphone and was at a loss for where to go. He had found iAuditor and used it to set up a moving checklist which included several questions. The tool also had  the ability to take photos and respond to requirements. My friend thought it to be quite easy, and it helped him on his big day. Additionally, he thought that it might be good for vacation checklists, or even for a solo operation for more business-oriented auditing. iAuditor was a practical and cheap solution to his overall needs at home at at his small business.

On the other hand, another acquaintance runs a large manufacturing company and has several people on a quality assurance team who work to guarantee the quality and accuracy of products and processes. The company has five operations spread out across the United States. My friend needed a tool to make sure all the staff were working in unison and that all the data gathered could be read, reported on and easily exported. For this they started with iAuditor, because it is free an appeared easy to use on the surface. Yet, after two months of auditing he found that there was no easy way to share data or issue tasks to staff and track follow-up. He turned to Nimonik Audit. The ability to upload personalized templates into the system, audit against them, and create beautiful reports was an instant hit! The time spent compiling reports for upper management was reduced by over 60%, and the team members were able to make sure they were on top of their audits or the tasks they were issued during an audit. In this particular case, with the need for bringing in a large team, the Nimonik App worked best.

In addition to these two examples, there are many larger organizations that  want to bring in the need to satisfy their ISO/OHSAS requirements, and they are leery of implementing too many solutions. Nimonik rises to this challenge by integrating the auditing tool with a comprehensive legislative update module with environmental, health and safety regulations for over 65 countries. Nimonik can also help you (at no additional cost) manage trainings, permits, and even incidents.

In terms of price, both Nimonik and iAuditor have advantages and disadvantages, iAuditor is basically free when used by a single auditor. However, if you do want to collaborate with other users, there is a $5 per user per month cost which can prove to be burdensome when you want to add people to your safety team or engage the entire company in a culture of safety.

Nimonik, on the other hand, does not charge per  user but rather per  audit, allowing you to make sure you are able to invite the right amount of people onto the platform and satisfy your organization’s performance of EHSQ audits. Many hands make light work! And whether you are 1 user or 1000, the cost won’t ever increase provided you do the same amount of inspections.

iAuditor and Nimonik differ somewhat in the area of additional features. While all of Nimonik’s other features are free with a subscription, iAuditor charges you to unlock certain features which can add up when you’re doing several audits with several people.

In all fairness, it seems the iAuditor solution would work best if your needs are  small and you don’t need much in the way of reporting. However, if you have more strict requirements and need to be able to easily export data, interpret reports, and have a platform where you can work on any web-enabled screen, Nimonik seems to be the ideal fit. The decision comes down to the size and demands of your particular company.

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