Audit on Android and Issue Corrective Actions CAR

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Nimonik is very happy to announce a free upgrade to Nimonik Audit for Android, you can download the inspection software for environmental, health and safety requirements here.

Corrective Actions on Android

This update adds the ability to issue, track and complete corrective actions. From your Android device you can now specify a corrective action for a client or colleague along with the due date and the responsible person. The responsible person will receive an email notification and will then be able to complete the action and leave a note on their iPhone, iPad, Android device or on As a manager or auditor, you can generate rich reports of outstanding and upcoming corrective actions to help you monitor compliance across your organization.

Since Nimonik offers unlimited users on all of our corporate accounts, you can get your entire organization involved in your compliance efforts. To learn more about our tool, contact a product specialist at 1-888-608-7511. A quick outline of our corrective action workflow is as follows:

  1. Issue action item from Android with Responsible Person, Due Date and Action Item
  2. Email is sent to Responsible Person and Action is created on
  3. Responsible person completes the action on Android, iPhone, iPad or and leaves a completion note
  4. Email is sent to the issuer of the action item
  5. Issuer of action item can approve/reject completion action
  6. Manager can generate powerful report of outstanding, upcoming and problematic corrective actions

This app update also includes some user interface improvements, bug fixes and technical support tools.