Does OSHA provide software for safety inspections?

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OSHA is an agency governed by the Department of Labor in the United States and is mandated to ensure that companies provide safe, healthy and hygienic working conditions. It works towards this mission by enforcing the Federal Code. Its services are mostly limited to training and education, inspections and on-site assistance in some cases (especially for small businesses).


OSHA enforces several standards and regulations, which companies and their employees must comply with, but US companies are mostly left to their own devices with regards to the program and processes they use to become and remain compliant. Some hire consultants while others employ full or part time staff to try and ensure their organization respects the Federal Code 1910, 1926 and other requirements.


As an organization, OSHA does provide companies with some tools, but does not provide a turnkey software package for managing the health and safety of their staff. Just as other government agencies ( for example, the IRS) do not offer  software packages with their regulations, neither does OSHA. OSHA does provide some guidance and basic tools – Excel files mostly – to help companies get  started, but it lacks a solution for helping companies manage inspections and the data that is gathered.


Many private companies, however, do offer software solutions with varying specialties, costs and advantages. The mark of  good, effective software is its ability to adapt to the type of workplace or to the employer that it’s being implemented into as well as  its ability to scale as operations grow or evolve. Many companies express concern and displeasure when they need to change their health and safety practices or processes because of the limitations of a piece of software (for corrective actions, inspection workflows, etc.).


However, great software has an opinion on how a workflow should be done. In fact, all software must strike a fine balance between making its solution customizable and offering a clear path for the user to leverage the software without the massive investment of training. To make the selection process simpler, we wrote an analysis of choosing the best H&S software for your workplace. You can find it here.


While OSHA might not offer software to help you get started, its tools and information are available free resource to get your team started. Once you have implemented the basic HS programs that OSHA recommends, you can then identify specific needs that can be better managed with a software solution.


For example, depending upon your workplace, you may find that managing your incidents, training programs or inspections are the most time-consuming part of your HS program. Evaluate each task you perform and the time commitment it takes, and then find a software solution to help reduce the elements of your safety program that eats up the most time. Based on your experience, rinse and repeat until you have implemented the ideal tools for your entire safety management system to meet OSHA requirements.
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