Problematic Audit Items Report

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Nimonik is thrilled to announce a new report: Problematic Audit Items (see your own report here)

This new report is designed to help you pinpoint items that repeatedly have problematic findings. The items are identified across your Audit Templates and your Facilities, helping you identify issues that need to be placed at the top of your priority list. According to many management systems, such as Kaizen of 5S, you should start with the biggest issues and work towards the rarer problems. This Problematic Audit Items report helps you identify the big issues that should be tackled as soon as possible.

You can see the number of times a specific item has been audited and what percentage of the time it has been problematic. The severity column allows you to quickly see your high risk items. The score is calculated by taking the weight of the item and the value to generate a score, it is then added across all the times it was audited. The Severity is in essence summing the cumulative scores.  We hope this new report helps you further identify problematic items with potentially large organizational risks.

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