Nimonik Helps and Congratulates Corporate Knights Sustainability Leaders

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At Nimonik we love to hear about companies who strive for environmental, social and safety excellence. When our clients make these lists, we are even more thrilled!

Each year, corporations all over the world compete for the 2015 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World index: a ranking system of the “most sustainable” companies in the world published in the Toronto based Corporate Knights magazine. An especially high honor goes to those companies who rank in the top 25% of the top 100. We are thrilled to work with a number of the identified leaders, such as L’Oréal and Atlas Copco.

The Global 100 has been ranking companies against clear sustainability metrics since 2005 and is one of the most respected rankings for companies at the forefront of best management practices. For the ranking, companies must pass a four-step screening process to gain placement on the Global 100 Shortlist and then a further round of scoring determines which companies will obtain a position on the final Global 100. Solactive, the German index provider, has also created an investment index out of the identified Corporate Knights Global 100 to track their financial performance as they strive for environmental sustainability.

How Nimonik Helps Build a Foundation for Sustainability

Any company that aims to be environmentally sustainable must first master regulatory compliance. Nimonik’s team of experts employ the latest technology to help corporations build their sustainability strategies on top of our compliance tool for EHS legislation, industry standards, OSHA requirements, process auditing and more. Nimonik builds the local and international legal research and maintains accurate inspection checklists so its clients can concentrate their efforts on the operationalization of their requirements. Using our solution, Atlas Copco and L’Oréal have reduced their time tracking EHS laws and inspecting their locations, freeing up resources to pursue higher value sustainability tasks.

For example, Nimonik’s EHS Audit App can help an organization conduct every type of inspection – from environmental regulatory requirements to internal corporate sustainability standards. To sample the auditing app and see what it can do move your organization towards the Global 100 Sustainable companies, please visit the Nimonik web site and view one of the auditing checklists.

One last note on the link between inspections and sustainability. A key component of sustainability is your supply chain. Nimonik’s auditing apps can help a management team determine if its current or potential suppliers are meeting the company’s standards of excellence – one of the key factors in sustainability. After all, if the parts to the whole are not meeting standards for sustainability, then the whole is affected.  Therefore, an effective analysis of suppliers is crucial to the operation of the company.

Again, a big congratulations to all the organizations that made the Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies and we look forward to helping companies pursue a more efficient and more sustainable business model!