Choosing Construction Safety Consultants

Jonathan Brun

Choosing the right construction safety consultant can literally be a life or death decision for your workforce. It can also be a time-consuming and difficult decision for your management team.

Carefully following the well-known four-phase process of hiring (sourcing, screening, interviewing, and staffing) can present an enormous challenge in the area of construction safety since the well-being of every member of the company – even the reputation and well-being of the company itself – hangs on this decision.  Bringing in the wrong individual(s) who are not experts in the safety process or those who are not committed to the company long-term can result in a tremendous waste of the company’s time and resources as the process of sourcing and hiring must begin all over again.

Delegating the task of construction safety consulting to a consulting group outside of your company can be a healthy, budget-friendly, stress-free alternative to attempting to staff your own company with in-house consultants.  Consider the benefits of securing the help of an outside safety consulting group of professionals:

You Save Time– The National Association of Colleges and Employers reports that the average company spends over twenty two days making hiring decisions once a prospective employee interviews for a position.  That figure doesn’t even begin to address the time spent sourcing the best candidates, collection and reviewing resumes and making arrangements for the interviews. When the “wrong” candidate is chosen for a position, this lengthy process is compounded again and again. Using an external consulting group eliminates this redundant hiring process.

You Save Money – Time wasted in the hiring/staffing process is intrinsically tied to another waste of precious resources: the loss of money. During the time spent searching out and securing the right staff members to fill a vacancy, one of two scenarios can occur:  either the existing staff is forced into overtime to cover the openings, or measures that are vital to ensuring the company’s health and safety go undone.  Both alternatives result in a financial burden for the company – either in excessive payroll burdens or in loss due to accidents and lost production as a result of not having the proper safety managers in place.  The latter of the two is definitely the more costly since it can spell safety violations resulting in fines, employee down time, customer dissatisfaction and even lawsuits.

You Add Proven Experts to Your Team – By linking up with an already-established team of experts who have a solid reputation for successful safety consulting, you get the job done right the first time around.  The right team of experts has connections to professional team members across the world and in every field of safety compliance. Such a vast supply of resources means that your company will have the best opportunity to provide a safe, compliance work environment, and that translates into higher revenue and a more solid reputation for your company!

Your investment in safety consulting is a vital part of keeping your company solvent and flourishing.  Nimonik works with our affiliates around the world, many of whom are safety consultants and through a quick phone call 1-888-608-7511 or an email, we can point you in the right direction.