eCompliance vs. Nimonik – A Short Comparison of Compliance Tools

Jonathan Brun

Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) issues are foremost in the minds of more and more corporations today as protocols continually change and intensify, not only at home but abroad as well.  How can you and your management team stay on top of the rigors of satisfying legal demands and creating a safe work environment?  Is there an innovative way to ensure that your company is aware of new EHS legislation and that it tracks the steps it has taken towards compliance? Is there a cost-effective way to simplify this tedious process and facilitate implementation?

There is.  Recent technological development in EHS auditing apps is making the arduous tasks of tracking new legislation, performing inspections, taking corrective action and issuing reports easier than ever before.  While some companies may feel it is difficult to justify the purchase of EHS software, a closer look at the huge benefits derived from new auditing apps will allow them to see that investing in these new programs will actually save the company a substantial amount of money in the long-run! This auditing technology can save man-power as well as help the company avoid costly fines for non-compliance issues. Let’s compare just two of the leading apps:  Nimonik and eCompliance.

Some Key Features of Nimonik and eCompliance
Feature eCompliance Nimonik
Core Service Offering Training and Certification Audit Tools and EHS Legal Information Management with incident and training modules.
Platform Access via mobile apps and website Access via web and award winning iPad and Android Apps.
Training Web-based or in person.  The AuditTool training course is $75.00. Free personal training is included in all plans. Technicians are standing by via phone and on the web for added assistance and
Cost Administrators: $225.00 monthly

Managers:  $20-50 monthly, depending on the level of use

Prices are published online (You can download the pricing guide here) or call for a customized, flexible plan based strictly on services desired. Pay only for what your company needs.
Customer service Assistance by phone, email and web help You can speak to a customer service representative by phone. You can also receive tech. support online.
Access to EHS legal databases and updates None The app contains over 200 regulatory compliance protocols from over 65 countries around the world. The app provides legal updates as well, and it assigns a colleague to review items and leave and timestamp to ensure that the legislation has been noted by a member of the team.

The features listed above just begin to scratch the surface of the many useful functions of the EHS auditing apps. With ever-changing technology, auditing EHS compliance is becoming less and less stressful, and apps like Nimonik and eCompliance are making the job easier and more cost-efficient than ever.  However, choosing the app that is right for your company may be a bit overwhelming, since there are so many good programs to consider.

If you would like assistance as you consider the specific needs of your company and search for the app that would best serve you in function as well as in cost, you can request a free PDF guide that will walk you through choosing the right EHS software. Simply contact us at or 1-888-608-7511. Our team of experts will be happy to help.