Love Audit for Valentine’s Day

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This Valentine’s Day, our resident poet, Luciano, put together a poem about love, audits and continuous improvement along with a handy free checklist. Happy Valentine’s Day!

As the time moves by, day to year,
Something becomes clear to me, my dear.
The time is nigh for romantic compliance…
It’s not a feeling baby, it’s EHS science.

Nimonik comes ready with templates and lists,
Ensuring the compliance of both marriage and trist.
Share the love, this Valentine’s day,
Whether at home or both of you going away.

Not all audits have to be at the job,
We can examine what makes our heart throb.
If there’s a love worth examining in your life,
use the below checklists on your husband or wife.

With a tool so simple, we know you will love.
It’s easy to use, and a cut above.
Give Nimonik a try, it’ll be worth your while.
We’ll help you get started, with a 45 day trial.

Access our fun, useful and free checklist on iPad, iPhone and Web for your personal relationship.