Incident Management Made Easy with E-Mail

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Nimonik is happy to announce our Beta version of our easy to use Incident Management Tool. After carefully looking at the available options on the market, we determined that the missing element in Incident Management is ease of use. Incident reporting forms are long, complicated and have too many fields to enter. With the exception of government reportable incidents, the forms generally do not need to be particularly long.

We all know that a tool that is user friendly will be used more. I am certain that we can agree one one thing, your team should report as many incidents, near misses and opportunities for improvement as possible – we all know more information makes your company safer.

The tools we found on the web and on mobile devices are remarkably hard to use, complex, costly and burdensome. That is why Nimonik is thrilled to offer a simple and quick incident reporting and management tool. Already available on our website,, it will be available in iPhone, iPad and Android formats by March 2015.

You can easily report an incident three ways:

  1. on;
  2. on EHS Audit for iPhone and Android (March 2015); and
  3. By email!

Yes, if you are a user of you can simply send an email to and it will create an incident with the date, person, subject and body of your email. Login later to add details on the incident, issue a corrective action and conduct root cause analysis.

Some more incident reporting features you can expect to see soon:

  • Add attachments – photos, documents and other evidence to incidents;
  • Add extra people to incidents – witnesses, supervisors, contractors; and
  • Implement 5 Why, TapRoot, Fishbone and other methodologies to your Root Cause Analysis.

We are constantly looking for feedback on Incident Management and the way you would like to see it done, so send us an email to discuss your requirements.